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Hello, I bought the game, is it possible to key for steam?

Game was purchased on email -

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Claiming a free game is different than buying. The developer previously announced in the comments that Steam keys would not be included when claiming the game for free.

If the developer wants to share Steam keys then they'll add it for people who have purchased the game through If they add keys, they will be claimable from your download page. Please avoid posting your email address in the comments.

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Wow...the bots are pretty bold to be spamming the dev asking for free steam keys.  Hope the dev doesn't fall for this trash.

Not a single one of you filthy bastards actually 'bought' the game.  You got it for free during the promo and are trying to exploit the developer for a free Steam key so you can afk-trading-card bot farm like the disgusting leeches you are.


*** No free Steam keys during 'October is Free' promo event! *** :(


Cool Nice


Do we get Steam keys?


This a mobile port?


Do we get Steam keys?

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Yes, send an email to from the email that purchased here


Thanks. I hope you got my e-mail. :)


Купил на сайте игру Sky Is Arrows,

Admin has built in support for giving out Steam keys with purchases:

I recommend using this instead of trading emails in comments. Thanks