Update: What's Next? & Pricing

Sky Is Arrows major update includes upcoming plans and pricing changes.

Hello and thank you to all supporters of Sky Is Arrows! For playing the game, making review videos, and giving feedback.

This update is to outline upcoming next steps for Sky Is Arrows:

1. Pricing:

The price will be set to FREE on September 3rd 2022. This will help to grow the player base of Sky Is Arrows as it is nearing it's 5 year anniversary. Thank you to everyone who bought the game for $10 as that has been it's price all this time except for sales. Paid DLC content will be released at some time later to add more content to the game and a source of revenue.

2. Next Patch (v1.4)

The plans for the second major patch for Sky Is Arrows (v1.4) are outlined here:

Fix Known Bugs:

  • ITEM CHEST BUG: Occasional bugged item chest that doesn't let you purchase an item (current workaround is to go into combat and then revisit the bugged chest)
    This is the worst bug in the game and is a must-fix
  • STALEMATE BUG: Rare situation Ex. Your castle is under siege with no ability to hit flying units (towers destroyed and no hero present,) meanwhile the attackers can't hit ground units
  • TOO REGULAR BUG: Regular axes appear too often in available item rotation
  • UI RESIZE BUG: Changing resolution works but could be better in some situations
  • LOCKED HEROES BUG: The unlocking of heroes doesn't work quite correctly and will be removed and allow for instant access of all heroes in 1.4
  • RIGHT CLICK HEADBUTT: Sometimes right clicking will make the unit walk into the enemy instead of attacking properly (current workaround is to attack move with A and click or move to locations and let auto attack happen)

Balance and Features:

  • ATTACKERS TOO MEAN: Attackers although working as intended will receive at least a slight reduction to their movement speed or another similar rework to make them less powerful.
  • FORCE TUTORIAL: Possibly the start button should prompt to watch tutorial slides if they have not been viewed. Info slide should be added to explain all heroes have a free ability that hits ground and flying units.
  • SANDBOX / DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Because Sky Is Arrows is a time focused game naturally you will not get a good score while first learning. This is because of the time it takes to learn the game, read all the tooltips, and gauge the units. To solve this steep learning curve along with wanting to keep the core game mechanic of difficulty over time some options can be explored.

Plus other improvements may be implemented.

3. Paid DLC

Paid DLC idea is to add 2-3 items, and 1-2 units per DLC, level themes etc for $2.99 or so each. These will unlock in the game and will be randomly distributed just as normal items would be and will have the same balance applied. While keeping the main core of the game FREE!

Thanks for reading this and staying up-to-date with Sky Is Arrows and 2,000 Damage. Good luck dodging arrows on your next run!



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